Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Las Vegas and the US gambling scene are not necessarily synonymous, as some would think. But as the recent legislation concerning online gambling has uncovered, you might want to understand the distinction.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was a topic that reared its ugly head of late. Though the law hasn’t been officially signed yet, the impact of the bill can be easily seen in various stages of the gaming industry. Several large online casinos, online poker rooms as well as other related business have been either prevented from or effectively forbade to accept players from certain regions outside of the USA.

The primary objective of the bill, like most legal acts, is to ensure that dice gamblers in America are assured of their right to participate in their preferred gambling activity. But in doing so, the bill in question would do away with the complications of using currency in order to participate in online gambling. Now, certain online casinos can accept players from the UK, France and other countries without any hassle.

The bill has been compared to the rules that apply to financial services. However, unlike the financial world, there would be no time limit for the player to comply with. In addition, gamblers would not be sitting in front of their computer screens waiting for the machine to shuffle.

Gambling from the UK

Many US players depend on services like MoneyGram or NETeller in order to participate in online gambling. MoneyGram allows the players to transfer money from an ATM card to their account by using bank transfer, credit card or bank wire. Instead of sitting in front of their computer waiting for the shuffle to occur, they would be able to sit in front of their computer and transfer money from a bank account to their preferred online casino.

NETeller on the other hand, is a much simpler method of participating in online casino gambling. The website transfers money from a checking account to an online casino account by using bank transfer, debit card or credit card.

While Robertiations may possibly be able to participate in MoneyGram and NETeller, other online casinos are unable to do so due to the fact that these services depend on physical entities accepting them. The Poker Club and Tropico casinos, though are among the online gambling firms that have banking relationships with major banks.

Not all the online gambling firms accept US players. When you type inNeeds verificationand wants to deposit money

When you type in, the only information required is the billing address. It’s very important that you read the fine print, as many objects could be intercepted by the ODDS.

Lets take a look at some of the possibilities that could happen:

1. Your credit card is held by a company called Neteller, which funds your playing account.

2. Your bank account has been compromised by online fraud and you are unable to access it.Your credit card company will notify you when they are about to debit your account.

3. You have given bank account information that you shouldn’t have.

4. Fraud by someone unknown.

singersauditing.comstatistics show that 11% of people who have participated in online gambling are from the US.Statistics show that US citizens between the ages of 14-88% are regular gamblers.

All of the above activities are uncommon in gambling casinosThe reason is simple: online gambling is illegal and the large gambling businesses do not want their customers to have secure accounts.

The majority of online gambling sites make money by extracting fees usually from the gambling players. The legal gambling sites don’t want this business and have 50+ security controls in place to stop this happening. The illegal gambling sites however, look very different.

Many of them are plain scams with the intention of swindling their victims, in reality they are inexpensive and effective online scams in which money is robbed from poker players.

A scam like U.S Casino Rebels is a good example of such scams. Rebels is a well known name in the online gambling industry. The firm is based in Antigua and has been active in gaming and payment processing services for over a decade.

The company’s corporate portfolio includes management meetings, poker, bingo, casino, sportsbetting, financial trading, microgaming and gaming consulting. Their financial forecasting business has been successful for over a decade.

This means if you were to meet the people behind U.S Casino Rebels and ask them about the company, you would get very different answers than you would from other sources.

scrayling.com in their various forums would give you very different answers as to the security and stability of the company. The gaming industry is extremely competitive and any entrepreneur in this industry would be vulnerable to being ripped off at the worst possible time.

The payments processing services they provide are strictly regulated and there is no danger to players in the US and some areas in which online gambling is legal.